Massacre of the Innocents 1611-1612 by Peter Paul Rubens

How Do We Know What is True?


Adam and Eve By K.R. Bellew

If you watch some online discussions regarding creationism between a Christian fundamentalist and a secularist, it often spirals into name calling.

This video reminds us of some of the good things about modern Christianity and examines ways that we secularists, or even moderate Christians, can talk from common ground. Before we argue science, we should step back and try to understand why many Christians believe in Creationism.

Why do fundamentalists believe that Adam and Eve were literally the first two Homo Sapiens on the planet? It is because they believe that the author of Genesis was in direct communication with a supreme being.

They believe the author of Genesis, and the first five books of the Bible, was Moses. To them, it was Moses who provided the story of Adam and Eve, of Abraham, and the conquest of Canaan. This was divinely revealed wisdom and ehtics - or was it?

How can we know whether or not Moses, or whomever the author(s) were, was actually receiving divine wisdom?

I suggest, in this video, that we can start from our common sense of morality. Does the wisdom imparted by Moses pass the truth detectors of our common morality?