Portrait of Man, c. 1520, Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest
Portrait of Man, c. 1520, Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest


This site is maintained and produced by K.R. Bellew in association with Humanist For Equal Rights.

I began putting sections of this site online in October of 2005. As I write this paragraph, it's 2012. I'm redesigning the site a little this year, and I'm writing new articles.

This site is devoted to freethinking and a skeptical approach to religion. I'm a former Bible college instructor who's now atheist to the views of Christianity and all other religions.

This site is called "The Talking Timeline" because it includes one of my current research projects to create a timeline (using Excel) that starts at the Big Bang and continues to current day. It focuses on events and people in history that affected Christianity. I've been working on it off and on since 2005.

The timeline provides interesting insights that can be overlooked for research topics. For example, if your research a specific religious event in the past, if you can look at the timeline and what what's happening politically and see what other religious events happened near by in time, you might infer influence and motivation.

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